19 June 2017

My Notes on Situational Frontline Leadership

The level of competence v.s. the level of commitment
  • be prepared to be called upon if I don't hear from you (facilitator technique)
Self-esteem includes:
  • Your self-worth
  • Your self-respect
Self-esteem at work influenced by
  • The thing you say to people
  • The way you treat people
Self-esteem builders
  • Providing sincere and specific praise
  • Asking about a work or personal event
  • Asking for ideas
  • Describing the specific contribution brought to a task 
  • Listening & acknowledging concerns 
Self-esteem is how u feel about yourself.
It is your confidence in your ability to handle life challenges

Trust is personal and its definition is different from one to one

leadership is what you do with people, not to people!

On Listening
Listen when your tendency is to
  • Reject
  • Ignore
  • Defend
  • Disagree
  • Take it personally 
(Coaching Tip, this is where you need to grow)

1 June 2017

My Notes on Change Leadership 2017

Paul Alofs

  • Transformational change needs disruptive leaders!
  • You can never step into a river (the same) twice.
  • Disruptive leaders most valuable asset? Passion Capital!
  • To read: 
    • J&J Creed 
    • Deloitte Change Survey

John Maxwell

  • One man with courage is the majority!
  • If you are good you don't need an introduction, and if you are not it won't help you.
  • A level-2 leader listens better and in depth. 
  • Get off vision & focus on culture. Vision is what you want to see, culture is what you actually do.
  • A level-2 leader is a terrific servant leaders.
  • When you stop loving people you should stop leading them.
  • A level-3 leader has moral authority.
  • If you want to be a leader get good at what you are doing. People will line up to be your follower.
  • A level-3 leader lead by example. He/She leads out of what you learned today, not yesterday's. If latter, you are a history teacher.
  • Momentum is leader's best friend.
  • A level-3 leader attracts better people.
  • For level-4 leader reproduction is key
    •  On level 3 you add On level 4 you compound
  • Level-4 leaders are best recruiters Good at training & equipping people
  • 5 step equipment process (simple)
    • I do it (& be good at it) 
    • I do it & you are with me 
    • You do it & I will be with you 
    • You do it 
    • You do it & somebody else is with you (The Magic Step).
  • For level-5: people on company put you on this level
  • Their response is based on what level they are on with you.

Jeremy Gutsche