19 December 2016

My Notes on Cynefin Framework

These are my notes on Cynefin Framework. It is a very powerful framework. You can use it for any causal relationship modelling, decision making being one of them.

14 December 2016

Leading Conversation at AgileOntario about Standardization in Agile

I spoke at the Agile Ontario Meetup on December 10th for the December meetup. I have been attending to this meetup for a long time. This time was different, I was speaking at it. The topic that I was talking about was standardization of practices and processes amongst the teams and how will or will not help the team. It was an honour to be a speaker at that meeting. When I look back, I am feeling that the Agile Community in Toronto inspired me, guided me and helped me florish. This is a community that you feel like a family when you are part of, and you want to be part of it. It truly felt like a family to me. I even spent one of my birthdays with them, two years ago. And the day that I was speaking at was a very special day for me, both good excuses to spend with good friends.

My birthday, celebrated with my Agile family two years ago
My birthday surprise at the end of AgileOntario Two years ago
Special day, spent half a day with my Agile family

As you might imagine, this is a very wide open topic to talk about. It was a very interesting conversation, obviously, I'm biased, as Fernando and I were the conversation leaders. It was a very engaging one and the fact that heard everyone talk was something that I rely my observation upon.

We started by prescribing the audience a Standard protocol for this meeting. We told them that we have hired many advisors and coaches to help us with finding how we can be more efficient. The only way that we could find was to standardize the meeting.

That was obviously an ice breaker, we continued by asking the participants on what they have in mind when it comes to standardization. If they have any examples or thoughts in their mind to talk about. I am summarizing some important conversation starter points below based on the two hour conversation and some of my thoughts based on the research that I did.