28 June 2012

JMX - XMBean - JBoss

JMX Mbean : A Bean following JMX Specification

  • Standard MBean *
  • Dynamic MBean
  • Open Mbean
  • Model Mbean
  • MXBean *
* Simplest Ones

Standard MBean:
  • SomethingMBean -> Interface
  • Something -> Java Class
Every method in interface defines either an attribute or an operation in MBean (no Business Process there)

management is performed by JMX agent

JMX Agent --> Mbean Server : is a managed object server in which MBeans are registered
JMX Agent --also--> set services to manage MBeans
JMX Agent [You have to write it in your project]
  1. getPlatformMbeanServer
  2. ObjectName
  3. RegisterMbean (MbeanServer, Obj)

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