28 June 2012

Google I/O 2012 - Google Maps, Places, Transit, Reviews API, Cloud Map, 3D earth and more

  • began in 2005
  • pre-render the maps
  • one search box instead of several
  • 2005 only north america
  • 2008 licensed data for the whole world
  • over 5 billion people can see their house - 2012
  • 2009 - aggregate of data from ground level maps, satellite, image analysis
  • mapmaker - contribute to google maps
  • 2012 - 187 countries with driving navigation
  • manually and computer vision - operators improve the map
  • you can report and maps will adjust
  • 800 000 google maps developers worldwide
  • reviews not available in google places API
  • google transit in Maps API
  • Symbols in Maps API - you decide what maps look like
  • google maps engine
  • upload mapping data to google maps & securely manage it
  • google earth - now 3D images of cities
  • google maps - get people find 
  • google earth - get people lost

JMX - XMBean - JBoss

JMX Mbean : A Bean following JMX Specification

  • Standard MBean *
  • Dynamic MBean
  • Open Mbean
  • Model Mbean
  • MXBean *
* Simplest Ones

Standard MBean:
  • SomethingMBean -> Interface
  • Something -> Java Class
Every method in interface defines either an attribute or an operation in MBean (no Business Process there)

management is performed by JMX agent

JMX Agent --> Mbean Server : is a managed object server in which MBeans are registered
JMX Agent --also--> set services to manage MBeans
JMX Agent [You have to write it in your project]
  1. getPlatformMbeanServer
  2. ObjectName
  3. RegisterMbean (MbeanServer, Obj)

27 June 2012

Google IO 2012

Last year, I was part of Google IO. This year however, 3 days was not feasible for me. It was a fun event, with many talented people from all over the world attending it. Last year, Google handed out Samsung Tab 10.1 and Chromebooks for free. This year I believe there is going to be a 7 inch Nexus tablet from Google and Asus for sure. Not sure, if there is going to be any more handouts or not. Although, I have attended IO last year, I have found myself watching videos of other events on my own time on YouTube. This time I have decided to do that for all sessions, starting with keynote.

Keynote Day 1:

Keynote Day 2

4 June 2012

Us, Venus & the Sun

Venus is going to pass in front of the sun tomorrow. If you are in North America, you are among the most lucky ones to observe this happening. The next happening is in the next century, so you better look out to the sun (not directly) and see a black dot passing in front of it, that's Venus. It began roughly around 5pm EST and 2pm PST. For more detail information please visit the following: