14 October 2010

Windows 7 VMWare Issue

Today I have encountered with a VMWare problem. Not sure why it happens, but it doesn’t let me to join the network via the bridge connection. I am trying to sort it out. Using VMWare on a Windows 7 and hosting a Win 2008 server hosted on that. When Using NAT, everything works fine. However, the bridge connection does not work at all. It seems that the McAfee antivirus is sitting on top of my network card and doesn’t allow access to it via the VMWare.


Found this article about how to set up the bridge conenction in windows 7. However, the title suggests it should be fixed by now as the article discusses version 6.5 of VMWare while I am using version 7 of the VMWare.
Apparently updating to the latest version of WMWare (version 7.1.2) solved the problem that VMWare couldn’t diagnose the network adapter and just was loading the McAfee network adapter.
TIP: The source was because of an authentication failure. You might want to trick windows 7 and disable the Wired Auto Config service in Local Services (in Manage panel in Windows Control Panel). You also can disable the service from auto-start to disable so you won’t find any problem.

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