12 December 2007

Drools , run an example

I was wondering in the drools to run an example myself and there were nowhere on the net telling you (or better saying explicitly telling you) that for running the example you need to have a backbone class defined behind it, a class with some simple functions and some variables, it should be in the same package, but it should also be imported to your rule file (.drl).

So a Rule in Jboss Rules (Drools) just play with class attributes and you can not define classes in its environment,  after writing the code for classes you need to come up with rules, the only good thing is that it has an integrated environment that suggests you functions and variables as programming the rules.

Drools Tutorial

2 December 2007


I'm now working on Drools, it is a Jboss product (whish itself is now under redhat umbrella).
If you need to run drools on eclipse remember the following things :

  1. Compile under java 1.4 only and not upper (till Drools 4.0.3)

  2. After making a sample project (for a test purpose) you definitely will get an error message if you don't manually add org.eclipse.jdt.core_ to your java library

For mor information see the posting below :

  1. Same problem and the solution from Jboss

  2. A good resource to find out what JavaDialectConfiguration is