22 October 2010

REST Architecture

These are some good videos and tutorials about RESTful Architecture.

  • It is architecture.
  • you can use it using HTTP protocol
HTTP requests
  • GET
  • PUT
  • HEAD
  • POST
Cacheable: the response can be cashed along the way
Idempotent: The request can be done multiple times
Safe: There are no side effects using that.
  • Get: Safe, Idempotent, Cacheable
  • PUT: Idempotent
  • DELETE: Idempotent
  • HEAD: Safe, Idempotent
  • POST
Code on demand: Load code on the fly (and to the browser and load them and use them)
Cache-Control: How long a response can be cached
Difference between Proxy and Gateway: Proxies are selected by user (user agent) while Gateways are selected by servers.
You can use XML-RPC and AtomPub
XML-RPC uses POST. It is not idempotent, cacheable and safe.
ATOMPUB (Zippable too, unlike XML-RPC)
  • GET – retrieve the info
  • POST- Create Resource
  • PUT- Update the resource
  • DELETE – Delete the resource

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