15 October 2010

Deprecated removal–First bug with high Severity

Can’t believe it, my first bug assigned is to remove a deprecated tag for a function and make it undeprecated. The severity of the problem is SERIOUS. Probably the severity is so high because of customers using the API. The easiest bug I ever fixed in my whole life.
For more information about Deprecation please refer to the wiki page.
This is a short paragraph from there:
In computer software or authoring programs standards and documentation, the term deprecation is applied to software features that are superseded and should be avoided. Although deprecated features remain in the current version, their use may raise warning messages recommending alternative practices, and deprecation may indicate that the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated—rather than being removed—in order to provide backward compatibility and give programmers who have used the feature time to bring their code into compliance with the new standard.

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